Here is the current version as of 7-17-2005 (

  • EzPcFix.exe
  • Here is a sample Plugin.inf file (plugin.inf needs to be the same folder as EzPcFix.exe)
  • Plugin.inf
  • Here's the BartPE/UBCD4WIN plugin (just unzip it to your plugin folder and rebuild the ISO)

  • EzPcFix.zip
  • Here is the Change log

  • Change Log

  • Other utilities I've made...

    UBCD4WIN.exe - Used to customize UBCD4WIN

  • UBCD4WIN.exe
  • Look HERE for more information.

    UnIsoFS - A commandline utility used to extract the contents of an ISO image

  • UnIsoFS.exe
  • Look HERE for more information.

    WSock.exe - Used to restore corrupted LSP (winsock2) entries

  • WSock.exe
  • Look HERE for more information.

    IPCam.exe - A small program that interfaces the D-Link DCS series IP cameras

  • IPCam.exe
  • Google
    Thanks to aj1978 from the UBCD4WIN forums for making this website for me